ER/ICU Medical Support Director(Technician Manager)

ER/ICU · Yonkers, New York
Department ER/ICU
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor
Compensation Salary

If the existence of a strong leadership support team, with the autonomy to make decisions for and about their employees, boasting clear and open communication lines, and the ability to recognize that we are unique and eccentric human beings in this industry is your perfect unicorn, well then, get out the glitter. Animal Specialty Center is standing on the horizon of a very unique place that many hospitals only dream of finding themselves these days. We get to be who we want to be and have our own identity. We get to represent our people and our community. We are comprised of stellar, envelope pushing, unflappable, outside-the-box thinking veterinary professionals committed to looking at things differently. We don’t want to settle for ‘that’s how it’s always been done’ and we won’t.

We are looking for a long term relationship with a Licensed Veterinary Technician, or credential eligible technician who will serve as our ER-ICU Medical Support Director. Our ideal candidate is an experienced Veterinary Technician, who is ready to run an emergency department differently and really embody the human-animal bond. Collaboration. That’s a thing we hear all the time. At ASC, it’s not just a word we say because you want to hear it, we legit mean it. We’ve recently added two Internists and two Criticalists to the team. Don’t miss this opportunity if you’ve been looking for something that isn’t the same ole song and dance, grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side-spiel. We’ve got the equipment, the technology and the vision; competitive salary, signing bonus, bells-and-whistles…no-brainer, but we also have the creative freedom to make personalized offers for your lifestyle if you’re the right fit for us. Will you be the match that completes our vision?

Overview of the role:

The ER/ICU MSD oversees all LVTs, VAs and Kennel Assistants within the department. This role has primary oversight on day-to-day matters and functionalities effecting the clinical support team. The role is responsible for training, hiring, performance management, scheduling, process improvement, and maintaining the standard of patient care and the client experience. The ER/ICU MSD will be scheduled to allow for maximum participation in workflow oversight and support of the clinical support team. The ER/ICU MSD will split their administrative hours with clinical coverage to continue to provide support and guidance to the team, as well as maintain their clinical skillset. This role will have dual reporting responsibilities to the Hospital Administrator and Managing DVM(Medical Director).

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